Month: January 2017

Pekin’s Principal Hadley Meets Bullying Head-on

Hadley Hadley2THANK YOU to Principal Hadley for being an example of how you can provide a lesson to students as well as pay it forward at the same time.  We take the issue of bullying seriously,” Hadley said, “but I thought if you believe in something, you have to find a way to stand up and literally show your support. So I was lying in bed and I thought maybe I will get a hold of his mom and ask her to send those clippers in.”Hadley3

Hadley held a school assembly and asked Jackson Johnston to shave his head just as Jackson had done to support his grandfather (who is battling cancer) but was bullied at school for his shaved head.   THANK YOU TO BOTH JACKSON & PRINCIPAL HADLEY FOR BEING A GREAT EXAMPLE TO US ALL!    #PrincipalHadley #Antibullying #PlacesAndFacesOfSoutheastIowa